25, Jun, 2019


I work as a general practitioner. From 1979 to 2016 in a group practice of general practitioners in Sweden (cypress practice group) – since 2017 alone.

At the end of 2016, I stopped working as a general practitioner, left the cypress practice group and continued my work at the same address, which continues to inspire me:

Body work with Rolfing, psychotherapy… “Health coaching” on my background of 37 years in the GP’s practice. Accompanying people – even through difficult times and crises.

I only work by the hour and only a few days a week…
(However, I can continue to pay via the basic insurance and the supplementary insurance (for general partners).)

Would you like to have a basic discussion about your lifestyle, your health – about the construction sites and above all about your resources?

  • How healthy is my lifestyle?
  • Am I living my possibilities?
  • What is the quality of my life?
  • Does all this make sense?

Together with you I try to discover new ways and sources of life energies and to make them usable…

Information and registration only by mail:

I always saw myself as a medical help to my own self-healing energies (especially by means of “gentle school medicine” and complementary medicine, phytotherapy, psychotherapy and Rolfing).
The detection of the border between sufficient own energy (complementary medicine is sufficient) and adding foreign energy (orthodox medicine is necessary) is central for me. Both complement each other excellently to an actually “integrative medicine”!

As a doctor (and this is also the aim of this website) I try to promote the feeling of coherence of the “patient”. Coherence means connection, coherence. I try to make his symptoms and illnesses understandable for him, also meaningful and above all manageable. I promote his resources and his quality of life. I see healing as an everyday updating of health. Often it is simply a matter of pausing – getting out of constant stress: looking (and accepting) what is!

Salutogenesis, being alive, relationship, relaxation and eclectic are the magic words.

“Eclectic” is meant here in a positive sense: Selecting and applying the right thing for everyone from different systems and forms of therapy.

In addition to my GP skills, I am also a sports physician with an emphasis on everyday movement, posture and running, which is optimal as a resource and to improve the quality of life.

This homepage addresses itself to all searching humans, to non-physicians, as well as to physicians. Above all, it wants to convey the spirit and the application of family medicine, the everyday medical grey area.

Always bear in mind that “knowledge” usually leads astray through the acquisition of information in medicine – and only “knowledge” leads to the goal. The search for knowledge goes inward: “Who am I? This is much more essential and holistic than “What kind of illness do I have? That’s why Wikipedia and Google are often even harmful when it comes to medical questions, because the knowledge is not something that can be transferred. You have to grow into it, experience it. It’s like love: As long as you don’t discover and live it yourself, you will never know what it is about (not even from a thousand romance novels).