19, Apr, 2019
Introducing Yoga for Weight Loss

Introducing Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is an amazing thing that is good for us in so many ways. The relaxation it induces is good for both mind and body, and will relieve tension in tight muscles. It is an awesome way to tone and strengthen muscles, and it is often used to aid in weight loss. Yoga is effective for weight loss for a few different reasons. It will primarily help you lose weight because of how well it builds and tones your muscles.

Muscle burns calories even when you’re doing absolutely nothing, so more muscle = more calories burned. Many people who don’t know much about yoga don’t believe that it can be anywhere near as effective as the crazy, high intensity workouts they see people doing in the gym, but the reality is, it can work just as well. The poses that yoga requires you to hold can actually be quite difficult, and will work many muscle groups all at once.

Taking yoga classes with a qualified instructor can be greatly beneficial, but also costly. Luckily, there are some basic yoga poses that can be done from the comfort of your own home, that will help you lose some weight!

The most popular yoga pose for weight loss is the basic plank. Using only your toes and your forearms to support you on the floor, keep your body as straight as possible and hold. Start by holding for 30 seconds and then resting. Slowly increase your holding time and decrease resting time as you are able. After some practice, many people are able to hold the plank pose for several minutes at a time. You can increase the difficulty of the plank by using only your toes and hands to support you, bending your elbows at your sides and keeping your body as perpendicular to the floor as possible. These poses work so many muscles all at once, it’s pretty much a total body workout, and you hardly even have to move!

Another easy pose to try is the chair. Standing with your feet together, raise your arms above your head (for balance) and sit back about 45 degrees. This will work your butt and thighs very nicely, and it is an easy pose to perfect.

Yoga is also proven to reduce stress. This is another way in which it can help you lose weight. Too much stress will increase your cortisol levels, and if they get too high it won’t really matter what you do, you won’t be able to lose any weight. It will be even harder for people who turn to food in times of stress, the temptation to eat more than necessary will be even harder to resist. Even once you have gotten down to your ideal weight, you shouldn’t stop practicing yoga! It will work to constantly tone your muscles, and it will keep your stress levels down, so you can keep the pounds away once they’re gone!

The beautiful thing about yoga is that there are so, so many different ways to practice it, so many different versions of it, and SO many different poses. It is something that you will never fully perfect, and therefore you will never run out of new ways to challenge yourself and stay in great shape.