19, Apr, 2019
Useful Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Useful Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Certain fat cells in the body are quite resistant to being burned. These cells tend to accumulate in the hip, thigh and belly region of the body. The good news is that there are strategies that can help in burning stubborn belly fat for good. By applying them, an individual can get that tight waist and abs that he or she has always been yearning for. Below are some useful tips.

A notable strategy for getting rid of belly fat involves exercise. Vigorous exercise can trim all types of fat, including visceral fat. It is advisable for a person with belly fat to get at least half an hour of moderate exercise for about five days in a week. Taking a walk counts provided it is brisk enough to make the individual sweat and breathfe harder while increasing the heart rate. Vigorous exercise like jogging is recommended for about 20 minutes a day, four days in a week. For those who don’t like jogging, vigorous workouts on rowing or elliptical machines and stationary bikes are also effective.

A suitable diet is also recommended for shedding belly fat. While there is no magic diet, when someone loses weight after adopting any diet, belly fat is usually the first to go. Consuming sufficient fiber can significantly help. According to research, individuals who consume 10g of soluble fiber each day without other diet changes accumulate less visceral fat over time. This is as simple as eating a cup of green peas, two small apples or half a cup of pinto beans. Even if someone continues with his or her current diet but switches to a higher-fiber diet, it might be possible to maintain weight better over time.

Consuming more protein is another strategy that can help in shedding belly fat. This is because protein is essential when it comes to slimming up. The body begins to secrete more protein as an individual age since the fat and muscle cells are not properly responding to it. Insulin promotes storage of fat, particularly around the belly. A diet that is high in protein can protect someone against insulin resistance.

Taking supplements has been proven to impact belly fat loss. While they are not the key to fat loss, combining the right supplements with a proper exercise routine and diet can significantly speed up the process. Caffeine is recommended since it helps someone shed fat by increasing the amount of energy burnt by the body throughout the day. In addition, in improves strength, enhances anaerobic performance, and promotes muscle endurance. Research shows that best results are achieved by consuming caffeine in a powder or pill format. However, caution should be taken so as not to build resistance to it.

Getting the right amount of sleep is another lean belly diet trick. Getting five hours or less of sleep per night increases the levels of visceral fat. Eight hours is recommended. It is advisable to adopt a sleep routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time each evening and morning. Irregular sleep habits can cause disrupt someone’s internal clock, causing the body to secrete fat storing hormone such as cortisol.