25, Jun, 2019
Weight Loss Goals

Weight Loss Goals

Prepare for slimming correctly. Here are some tips for your weight loss goals this year!

In summer it is easier to lose weight, you move much more by yourself and your body doesn’t demand as much hearty food. Therefore you should not wait until after New Year’s Eve to lose weight. However, good preparation is worth its weight in gold; you want long-term success instead of relapsing quickly.

Perhaps an important finding in advance. Losing weight is a continuous process and nothing that works overnight. Anyone who praises a lightning diet can be called a charlatan or cheater with a clear conscience. Therefore, long-term planning for weight loss and proper mental preparation are essential.

Mental preparation for weight loss

Anyone who wants to lose weight successfully must know that this also involves a change in life. It does not work to buy a slimming shake in order to be slim tomorrow. Accordingly, you must be aware that the following situations will be banned from your life in the future:

Eating out is not the best idea. As a rule, restaurants don’t cook in such a way that it is particularly healthy and low in calories, but rather focus on taste. Of course, this also includes plenty of fat and salt. Those who cook at home have their food under control.

Beer after work with your buddies is a thing of the past. A beer doesn’t make you fat, but the goal must be to banish from life the many little things that don’t help your figure.

Drinking right is essential for losing weight anyway. Not only alcohol, but also juices have many calories. It is best to concentrate on unsweetened tea and water. Who absolutely needs a little taste in the drink, that can help with a little juice, but really only very little.

Those who want to do themselves an additional favour also do without the television. Not only that you don’t burn any calories while watching TV, you are also constantly seduced by the advertising. That makes your slimming project unnecessarily difficult.

Sweets are a topic in their own right anyway. Better said, sweets and slimming don’t go together at all. They don’t fill you up, but destroy all the successes you’ve achieved so far. If you absolutely need something sweet, you should eat a little fruit instead of sweets.

The car is an emergency solution. If you want to lose weight, you should move. This does not mean that you have to spend hours in the gym every day torturing yourself. But you can’t get around more exercise. The best thing is to build small exercise units into the day. The feet and the bicycle should become the preferred means of transport in front of the car.

Anyone who is aware of these changes and is willing to implement them will succeed in losing weight. It also makes sense to deal with the topic of healthy nutrition and weight loss in general. If the head is not ready, then it can not be the body anyway.

Prepare weight loss correctly: small steps or adhoc?

Many people think that you have to take small steps to change your diet. It would be better to reduce one vice after another than a radical change in life. As a rule, however, this is nonsense! Who would like to change something, that does not make that over months away. Much too often one is placed otherwise again and again before new deprivations. Dear one tidies up once neatly and can plan completely consciously a new start.

Prepare to lose weight

The first thing that should change is the refrigerator. Everything that shouldn’t be in it has to get out. Food sharing or the neighbours are perhaps good buyers. In addition to the fridge, the candy supplies are also a good thing. Everything has to go, the best thing is not much left in the house except fruit and vegetables, which can be snacked quickly in between. From now on it is important to learn to eat again. This does not include temptations within reach that constantly prevent you from reaching your destination.

Initiate your family or friends into your plan. This will not only prevent you from looking funny if you bring your own food with you or do without dessert, you will also be subject to social control. This makes it easier for you to keep up, because it increases your motivation.

Especially at the beginning, consciously create moments of rest and a lot of sleep. Stress is definitely a very unfavourable companion for losing weight. Find the three things that stress you the most and change them.

Set yourself a weight loss target

The scales are not the means of choice. Of course it is an indicator, but if you start to lose weight but also to exercise, you will eventually notice that you may gain weight, although you have continued to eat diligently and consciously and have not succumbed to any temptations. Your body continues to change, but this may have something to do with your mass, nothing else measures the balance, nothing to do. Fat has a much lower density than muscles, so the scales cannot be the measure of all things.

If you really want to know whether the change in diet is successful, you should measure the circumference of your waist, legs, buttocks and chest. The values are entered into a plan, so you can also control his success. It also helps to photograph yourself regularly in front of the mirror. This way the achieved success is kept in front of your eyes and you motivate yourself again with your own success.

The weight loss goal is therefore not very easy to set. Maybe you have an old pair of trousers that you’ve wanted to fit into for a long time.

Finally, the most important thing: Losing weight takes time. Half a kilo a week is an excellent result and should never be exceeded. Think about it, that’s 26 kilos a year. That should be enough.